Responsibilities Associated With Nurse Managers

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Nurse managers are officially appointed by the organisation to fulfill a set of duties and have clear-cut responsibilities (Christman, 2004). Nurse managers oversee a specific unit in the hospital for example the emergency department or one ward (DIGNAM et al., 2011a). Basic responsibilities associated with nurse manager positions include maintaining sufficient, qualified staff with which to operate the unit, budgeting the units expenditures in accordance with available funds, ensuring patient issues are promptly and correctly addressed, and supervising all other routine operations of the unit, as well as any unforeseen occurrences that may arise (Lorentzon, 1992). Other duties expected of nurse managers include staff performance…show more content…
Even in teams who normally work well together, conflicts occasionally arise (BURNS, 2015). It’s the nurse manager’s responsibility to defuse the conflict before it harms the team or hinders patient care(BURNS, 2015). She may call in the conflicted parties for a meeting, encouraging them to discuss their dispute and creating a plan for resolving the conflict in a way that benefits the work place environment.

Leadership is described as a process through which an individual attempts to intentionally influence others to accomplish goals (Brophy, 2006). In nursing literature, it has been described as a complex and multifaceted process, which involves providing support, motivation, coordination and resources to enable individuals and teams to achieve collective objectives (Cummings, Midodzi, Wong, & Estabrooks, 2010a) . Leaders do more than organise, direct, delegate, perform specific duties and have vision; they use interpersonal skills to help others achieve their highest potential (Laurent, 2000). Leadership involves influencing the attitudes, beliefs, behaviours and feelings of their peers. This results in a trusting and positive culture and in nursing, a good workplace that leads to positive patient outcomes (Pullen, 2016). Leadership is the foundation that brings an organisations mission and vision to fulfillment(Laurent, 2000). There are formal
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