Responsibilities Leadership And Human Capital Management

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Stephenie Bailey
Midyear Self-Assessment

Responsibilities Leadership and Human Capital Management
This is my second year as temp manager in DCO. As a manager I like to create a work environment of professionalism where employees are treated with dignity and respect by providing quality leadership, adequate training, and effective support services. As a manager, I attended various formal training events on my level of leadership. I took a series of courses beginning with EQSP refresher training and attended a Self-Assessment training class to help improve my writing skills for my mid-years. I have enrolled in an upcoming class to improve on performance counseling and annual appraisals. I was asked to oversee an Operations project named, “Keys 2 Success”. My engagement with the Harvesters is to meet 2,250 cans to fill nine barrels. I was to call and set up the barrels and when the project is over to return the barrels full. I lead by example, arriving to work on time and conducting myself in a professional manner. My daily duties consist of checking voicemail first thing in the morning and completing the attendance roster to ensure adequate staffing and keep up to date on incoming e-mails. I complete the Daily Unit Roster, BOB and Daily production Log timely. I make sure to have volume listed in all required programs to ensure timeliness and accuracy. I always keep current Individual Leave Records for each employee and this keeps me aware of their leave usage. I keep…
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