Responsibilities Of A Project Manager

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Everything Teams need a LEADER, our perspective is that this is THE chief part of the one ordinarily alluded to as the 'Venture Manager '. We should on the other hand, keep on alluding to the primary task administration part as the Project Manager. Many organizations and sponsors set their activities up to fizzle on the grounds that they don 't completely perceive how imperative the task administration part is, to effectively deal with an undertaking through its life cycle. It is still basic that venture directors are delegated on low maintenance premise, the suspicion being they can deal with the undertaking on low maintenance premise as a stretch to their other regular obligations and obligations. Differences between both views Firstly, there is no difference between both the views, the project manager have to eliminate the conflicts between the members of the team and he has to take the feedback from the customers to get the better results in the coming years and for the current year also. If the leader is the active person then the team members will also become active. He has to communicate all the members of the project involving directly and indirectly. ##What day to day tasks does an IT project manager carry out? Opinion of the project manager Maintain a log history between the customers and the team members and also to communicate about the status of the
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