Responsibilities Of Virginia Beach During A Disaster

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Disaster Management in Virginia Beach
Megan Kinlaw
American Public University
Community Health in Nursing II

Responsibilities of Virginia Beach during a disaster.
The City of Virginia Beach upholds an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) that defines all roles carried out during an emergency. Procedures are utilized throughout each stage of the disaster by all involved agencies, in order to decrease any adverse effects on the community. The state of Virginia utilizes the Incident Command System for all large emergency response efforts. This system is a structured system that coordinates local, regional, and federal organizations to efficiently work together during mass casualties. Preparing for an emergency is a collaborative effort between all members of the community and follows a mushroom tier system during a disaster. All operations start at the local level of the population and can possibly spread to regional and/or national resources. The level of resources utilized depends on the level of destruction and demands that each event necessitates. (City of Virginia Beach, 2011)
The city’s Office of Anti-terrorism and Disaster Preparedness, Director of Emergency Management, Coordinator of Emergency Management, and the Deputy Coordinator of Emergency Management are the officials that lead the city in the event of an emergency. These representatives work alongside police, fire, and ems departments, and city utility companies to assist in carrying out local…
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