Responsibilities of Holiday Representative

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Unit 14- Responsibilities of Holiday representative

Task Three

In this assignment I am going to prepare information sheets that describe the part played by the holiday representative in creating a safe and healthy holiday environment.
I will include a description of the risks and hazards and the ways in which representatives can minimise these risks.

Health and safety terminology

Tour operators rely on their staff to diligent when carrying out their duties and vigilant when identifying potential hazards & areas of risk.

Diligent-showing care
Vigilant- being watchful against danger
Hazard- anything that can cause harm
Risk- the chance, high or low that somebody might be harmed by the hazard.

All incidents are fully logged
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* They must ensure that drivers follow travel regulations * Do not exceed EU drivers hours * Check that coaches are properly maintained with seat belts

Excursions & activities: * All venues should meet required safety standards, especially regarding:
Fire & water safety, food hygiene, managing capacity (no overcrowding)
Resort reps have a duty to observe record & report all areas of concern to their resort managers.

Providing Customer Information: * During the transfer speech & welcome meetings, reps should point out any potential risks to their guests. * If or when the pool is unsupervised. Reminding guests not to allow their children to play unaccompanied in or around the pool. * These messages must be reinforced or notice boards, in information books.

Reporting an injury, accident or incident:
When a customer has an injury or an accident, etc the holiday reps needs to: * Ensure that the well being of the customer is your first priority i.e. a doctor is called, they attend and help the customer * The correct paperwork needs to be completed & signed by the supplier

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