Responsibilities of a Learning Team

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Responsibilities on a 'learning team' As one of the more experienced members of my learning team, I will have the responsibility of facilitating discussions, along with other qualified members of the team. Three team members including myself have been given the task of setting meeting agendas for specific sessions and ensuring that the group is kept on track. One less experienced member is designated as the 'secretary' to review notes after we meet. Another less experienced group member is given the task of keeping group members informed through email when we are not in meetings, and of reminding members of crucial deadlines. I believe that my organizational skills will serve both me and my team well. In my past occupations I have often been in charge of ensuring that project deadlines are adhered to, and many times this requires checking to see that one task is completed so the next task can move on. If there is a delay regarding one issue, the entire group can be affected. I am also very good at multitasking. Listening to people as I facilitate while making my own contribution will come naturally to me. I feel comfortable speaking in public. I believe I can be firm and fair when talking to team members, even when I disagree with them. Above all, to be respected, a leader must appear to be objective. People will not respect individuals in leadership positions if they feel the leaders are making decisions according to personal biases rather than according to the
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