Responsibilities of a School Teacher

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Anytime we as humans interact with one another we present a point of view. In learning theory, constructivism describes a way of knowledge in which we generate meaning by way of experience. This view holds that each student has a unique background, with unique needs, so becomes quite complex and multidimensional. Just as students have unique perspectives, so do teachers. We also know that how teachers view the world, how they think about problem solving, and what they choose to include and exclude while teaching provides meaning and guidance for learners, particularly young learners. What teachers bring to the table from prior knowledge is also very powerful the teacher that uses clues and pays attention to the class wil not just know what to teach, but how to approach different topics. Regardless of the printed curriculum, then, there will be slant or bias towards a certain topic, a certain way of looking at that topics, or even which topics to include in the lesson. A neutral curriculum, then, would be one in which there was no bias, no inclusion of religious ideas unless all were given, no political, cultural or social slant at all. In other words, there is no possibility of a neutral curriculum when humans are teaching, and no possibility that every single alternative viewpoint can, or should, be presented to students. We all have different backgrounds, have lived in different areas. For instance, if one grows up surrounded by a certain ethnic culture, one is
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