Responsibility Analysis Of BHP Billiton

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The BHP Billiton ('BHP') was formed when BHP Limited and Billiton plc (public limited company) merged. BHP Billiton's main headquarters are located in Melbourne, Australia and in London, United Kingdom. The BHP Billiton Group is the world's largest diversified resource extraction conglomerate. "Patricia". The company is involved, not only in the production of energy and metallurgical coal, but also aluminium, copper, nickel, silver, titanium, uranium, oil and gas. "Hans".

BHP Billiton's approach to environmental issues

2. Over the years, BHP has slowly become more aware of its environmental responsibility. Strategies have been introduced to protect the environment. To minimise impacts to the environment, BHP's environmental resources management manages land, biodiversity, water resources, and air within the company's area of influence. Where biodiversity and ecosystems are impacted by its activities, BHP applies compensatory actions.

3. BHP needed a change in strategic direction, so that it becomes aware of a broader conceptualisation of its corporate identity as being a 'mining (company) in relation to environmentally and socially complex interactions with land and people.' "Dallas". Part of
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BHP Billiton targets to require operations concerning water-related material risks.This is to set target and emplacement projects to reduce impacts on water resources.This target recognises the local regional context of water and allowing operations to annually review and define the necessary project that will best address the material water risks. For example onshore, shale, safeguarding and managing environmental resources. (The issue of mining's impact on water resources, always a major concern for farmers,has intensified with the growth of CSG drilling in the region. Farmers argue that CSG operations are a major threat to rural production because they disrupt and destroy the natural systems that support life in situ.

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