Responsibility As A Mentor Analysis

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Each disposition highlights an important skill mentors must have and apply to their mentoring service. Whether I was working on a worksheet with a student, or doing one-on-one reading with a mentee, I easily found myself using each disposition. The dispositions I found myself using most often were responsibility, flexibility, initiative, respect, reflection, and thoughtful and responsive listener. These six dispositions are central in reaching mentees and mentoring successfully.
Responsibility means to be organized, to complete tasks on time, to be reliable, and to be proactive. Responsibility is important because, as a mentor, I must be reliable. Once I form relationships with my mentees, not only do they count on me to be there, but the
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Initiative is important because I must be able to jump into any environment and be able to direct students to what they should be doing. The teacher has many students to deal with, so if the mentor can step in and alleviate some of the work, it can make everything run smoother. In an instance where there was a substitute teacher, it is my job as the mentor to take the initiative to make sure the kids act and work as if their regular teacher was still there. An example of this is when a student was told to do one-on-one reading with me and they did not want to get their book, I went over to help him get his book and supplies together so that the teacher didn’t have to and could focus on the other students.
Respect means to be polite, follow the rules, and to acknowledge the positive things in others. Respect is important because of the role it plays between mentors and mentees. I know that it is extremely important that there is an equal amount of respect between mentors and mentees in order for a healthy mentorship to form. An example of this is one boy that does one-on-one reading with me tends to be rowdy, talk back, and has a hard time settling in to start reading aloud. Once we started talking, found common ground, and could relate to each other more, there was more
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My critical cultural consciousness supports my belief to value diversity and treat all my mentees with respect and equality. So often it is the lack of respect and understanding that discourages students. When that happens at a young age, it is hard for students to recover. As I talked to the students, I realized that some were embarrassed and acted out because they needed extra help. It is moments like these when I realize just how much support and positivity these kids need, that I am grateful that my positionality allows me to offer the students the help they need and deserve. There must continue to be an increasing amount of diverse engagement in schools to give the students mentors that they can relate
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