Responsibility For Health : The Health Of Our Country And The Ways We Can Enhance Both Aspects

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Responsibility for Health Jennifer Edwards University of Massachusetts Boston Abstract An ongoing controversial question that continues to be asked is who is responsible for health is it a social responsibility, or is up to the person to be personally responsible for their health. Most people would agree that these two aspects of health are linked without one there couldn’t be the other. The real question that needs to be asked is how can people and society work together to help achieve the goal of everyone living a longer healthier life. This review examines the ways that both sides personal and social responsibility are contributors the health of our country and the ways we can enhance both aspects. In…show more content…
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services states that “the health of the individual is almost inseparable from the health of the larger community and that the health of every community in every state and territory determines the overall health status of the nation”(koh etal 554) Most people now a days know the risk factors of smoking and having a high bmi (byers article) even with all the knowledge and tools given to them they still do nothing to change their habits but each individual needs to have an awareness to change all of this and the willingness to do so. If people remain unwilling and the burden of their irresponsibility falls on society then the society has the right and responsibility to interject. For years we have been giving people the option to be personally responsible for their health, but with that their needs to be a balance, how can someone be personally responsible for their health when they don’t have the tools, education, and environment to do so. It’s impossible to argue that people are not responsible for the health as S. Leonard
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