Responsibility In America

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Abraham Lincoln said, “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today”. My responsibility to America is to take it. Being a teen in today’s culture I believe many teens think they cannot have an impact and that they don’t need to take responsibility. Of course I can mess around till November 14, 2019, the day I turn eighteen, and suddenly become a mature adult. Not exactly! I can have an impact on my neighborhood, city, the whole state, or even all of America. Defy the cliche that media conditions us to believe.
Imagine America if nobody were to take responsibility, citizens wouldn’t want to go to work, earn goods grades or follow the law. What if you were growing up in this alternate America?It’s hard for me to imagine.
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That is the delusion of our culture that tricks us into believing ourselves unable to accomplish what history tells us we can.” a quote by Alex Harris. This friend has had an impact on my life for sure, she convinced me that teens can impact even in the smallest ways although we never had a conversation about it. The way she carries herself has, she’s kind to everyone, reliable and trustworthy, everyone who knows her loves and admires her, she could change America. All of us are capable as well is we put in the…show more content…
Start by donating clothes, or canned food to a food bank or holding a neighborhood canned food drive. Teach younger kids in your community sports or help at a vacation Bible school. Personally, I love helping at VBS, by the end of the week the kids aren’t just kids who were dragged to the church by their parents and don’t want to be there, but are happy to come. They looked up to me and the other counselors for an example for when they get older, and in their faith. A majority of the kids in a town that I went to with youth group to lead and VBS felt as if they needed to be mischievous and do the opposite of what the leaders told them to do. I hope by the time we left they had changed their perspective and want to learn more about the
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