Responsibility Of Friendship In The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini

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Friendship is the best relationship you could have, it should be cherished by the people who share this kind of relationship and hold onto it forever. However, in the book The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, the character Amir did not hold onto this special relationship with Hassan and took it for granted by betraying, neglecting, and being disloyal. Through Amir's relationships, The Kite Runner shows the true responsibility of a friend to show us even though it didn’t only ruin a friendship but ultimately ruin a life as well. A central issue in the novel is how friendship is experienced and how the social opposites get along when they have been brought together by Baba (Baba’s servants Ali and Hassan). Throughout the novel, Amir constantly reflects on his and Hassan’s friendship. Amir is constantly questioned about his friendship with Hassan by Assef and Amir always replies with a no and then comments on their difference of ethnicities and says how superior his ethnicity is (Pashtun) and compares it to Hassan's (Hazara). Hassan admires Amir as his friend and shows it by his loyalty which is displayed in the book by him standing up for Amir against bullies like Assef. Amir's unloyal personality is brought out when Hassan is getting raped and Amir continues to do nothing which leads to the fading away of their childhood friendship. To begin with, Amir has always not been the best friend because he always stabbed Hassan in the back. In addition, the last straw of
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