Responsibility and The Dangers of Science in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

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The theme of responsibility and the dangers of science are extremely prevalent in the story. Victor does not take care of his creation, and he and the people he loved suffered as a direct result of that. Had Victor done even the littlest thing to help the creature get its feet on the ground, there might have been no harm done to anyone. Everyone around Victor felt the effects of his mistakes. There even are people who feel responsible for what happens because of Victor's actions. "One does not need to be directly responsible for an incident to receive the blame for its occurrence (Moss 118). Elizabeth feels she is responsible for William's death because she gave him the necklace that was on Justine. Victor feels responsible for the death of Justine, although he is not the one who actually killed her. Who knows what might have happened had Victor taken care of the creature like he should have. It could have lead to many different kinds of new studies and discoveries about human life and death. The recipe for immortality could have been discovered and no one would have to suffer at all.
Another part of this theme is the dangers of science. Victor knew that he was getting into a territory that had not yet been mapped. There were no other scientists who did anything in that area in the way that he did. He had nothing substantial to work off of, and it was his responsibility to know what he was getting himself into, what might happen, and what he would have to do when his…