Responsible For Bipolar Disorder ( Sarris ) Essay

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responsible for Bipolar Disorder (Sarris, Lake, & Hoenders, 2011. Pp. 886-888). When done therapeutically, acupuncture reduces mood elevations and depression, thus making it a great alternative in Bipolar I Disorder. This treatment’s advantage is that it does not have interactions with medications, foods, or herbals. Furthermore, the patient is not at risk for developing toxic levels, since acupuncture is an external component. However, since the needling does break through the skin, it can be inferred that the patient may develop infection if proper technique is not used. As a nurse providing care to a client with Bipolar I Disorder, it is important to address the pros and cons of taking herbal medicines. A nurse should not recommend that a patient begin an herbal therapy. Instead, it is the nurse’s responsibility to refer the patient to a credible Complementary and Alternative Medicine Professional. These professionals are employed under accredited organizations and often have additional training or knowledge concerning such therapies. Furthermore, the nurse should inform the client of the importance of biological treatments in conjunction with complimentary treatment. While some may opt for one or the other, combinations prove to be more beneficial. Traditional Western Medicine Lastly, Traditional Western Medicine makes up much of the medical care in the western world. Traditional medicine has a more standardized way of diagnosing Bipolar Disorders compared to other
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