Responsible Software Engineering Personal Statement

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I am a college graduate in Computer Science aspiring to pursue masters, specializing in Human-Computer Interaction. During my final year in college, I worked on a project to identify large scale threats to public life by classifying RSS news feeds. Since we had to narrow down the genre to identify events like accidents and disasters, we applied NLP techniques before applying typical classification methods like SVM. We did tokenization, Part-of-Speech tagging, subject-verb relation and sentiment scoring of the verbs to understand more about the nature and gravity of news. This project gave me a glimpse of what research can entail and taught me the importance of rigour in research, whether it is achieved through trying and evaluating…show more content…
I found it extremely satisfying to bring together an interface with functionality. Eager to delve in, I took part in discussions regarding mock-ups and the user experience it provided. I took an online course, “Introduction to User Experience Design” offered by Georgia Tech that explained the basic cycle - gather requirements, come up with alternative designs, prototype and evaluate it. It fit well with the agile way in which my team works - we develop our interfaces in an iterative manner, going back to improve experience based on user feedback. I also ventured into developing a mobile application in a domain that piques my interest- environmental issues. This application takes inputs and calculates carbon footprint. On my own evaluation of the way I was designing it, I was sure it would be cumbersome for the user since the application required entering a lot of data. How do we innovate to make an interaction click? The new game Pokemon was successful because of its augmented reality technology and it encouraged people to explore the real world. I think it reflects the immense opportunity that rests with HCI to influence people and the responsibility it bears in doing so. More than continuing my work which may limit my scope to applications in a particular domain or an interface, obtaining graduate education will push boundaries and allow me to explore. I decided I wanted to learn further and get into this field full-time as a designer and developer. I want to be
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