Responsible for the Crimes of Their Children

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Responsible for the Crimes of their Children How can someone who does not commit a crime get charged for the crime committed. This is starting to happen around the country with parents getting charged for the crimes of their children. Although parents are responsible for raising and teaching their children what is right or wrong, parents should not be held responsible for the crimes of their children because they did not commit the crime and if they are not present at the crime scene, how can they stop their child from committing such an act. It violates a parent’s constitutional rights to charge them with the crime, and doesn’t serve as a deterrent to juvenile crime. Children that come from great homes and have great parents…show more content…
Juvenile arrests for serious violent crime rose 67% from 1986 to 1995. Arrests jumped 63% for robbery, 76% for aggravated assault and 90% for murder. More than half of all crimes against teens happen near or at school. Almost one fourth of all violent crimes against teens occur at school. Children are 11 times more likely to be violent if they have no father in the home and 6 times if their parents aren’t married. Children not living with biological parents are 4 times as much likely to or are suspended or expelled from school. Not only does having a father at home head off violent behavior, it also helps boost student achievement this article said(Robinson). Good parents can have bad kids. Kids misbehave despite the best efforts of their parents. Parents can not always be there at their child’s side to guide them, it is also possible that a parent can’t stop them even if they were present when a crime was committed. A 5 foot 5 inch single mother could probably not stop her 6 foot 2 inch, 220 pound son from doing anything. Teenagers are old enough to understand right from wrong. Research shows that parental responsibility laws don’t have much impact on juvenile crime. Most bad kids do not care if their parents are charged, therefore they do Wessels 5 not think twice about committing a crime. If a child is consistently in trouble, there comes a point where the parent has no control. Does it make sense to charge the parent when the
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