Essay about Responsiblity for the Deaths of Romeo and Juliet

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Responsiblity for the Deaths of Romeo and Juliet

The final tragedy in the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is the death of Romeo and Juliet. It’s a result of the feud of the two houses: Capulets and Montagues, but amongst other likely causes are the personalities of Romeo and Juliet. Romeo is ‘hot-headed’ and Juliet lacks experience in life because of her young age. Other characters who play a significant part in driving them to their deaths are: Tybalt, Mercutio, Friar Lawrence, The Nurse, Old Capulet, Romeo himself and Juliet herself. Also, the political circumstances in Verona have a part to play because the Prince doesn’t do anything to stop the feud of the two families. A ‘weak’ Prince adds tension
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This also points out that in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ the two families can be similarly compared to the Christian faith because everyone chooses which family/faith to support. The reign of Elizabeth is famous for romantic intrigues. Elizabeth (can be in comparison to Juliet) fell in love with the Earl of Leicester (can be in comparison to Romeo) thus her closest advisors wanted her to marry King Philip of Spain (which relates to Paris in ‘Romeo and Juliet’). However, Leicester’s own political carelessness led to his arrest for treason. In the end, he was executed along with his closest friends and allies who were thought to be in league with him. Therefore, Elizabeth never married. Juliet’s lover ends up, effectively, a victim of ‘state intervention’.

As we go on in the play of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ we discover that the cause of the two lover’s death has someone responsible.

Tybalt’s anger, his argumentative nature and his deep and violent hatred of the Montague’s is clearly responsible in part for the death of the lovers. Tybalt’s hot-blooded nature leads him to confront the Montague’s in Verona’s market
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