Restaurant And Thanksgiving Restaurant

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During the Thanksgiving season the Hospitality industry is in the middle of one of their busiest times of the year. This is the truest for restaurants and hotels, as many people gather around with family and go out to dinner more often, or when family flies into town and stays in a hotel. This busy time of year shows many of the same patterns annually, as well as cause some problems along the way.
Every year the restaurant industry experiences many more and larger groups of people around the Thanksgiving holiday. These larger groups make management a little more difficult as traditionally, food takes a little longer, service is more rushed, and everyone including employees and customers are a little on edge. However, people are escaping the stress of Thanksgiving dinner by letting the restaurants do all the work. A study showed that in 2011 six percent of those surveyed said they planned to eat out for Thanksgiving. Of the people who eat Thanksgiving at home in 2017, 9 percent said they would pick up parts of their meals, and four percent said they’d buy a complete meal. That means nearly one in four diners are not going to do all the work of fixing Thanksgiving dinner. In another survey thirty-one percent said they’d eat in a restaurant where they traditionally go on Thanksgiving Day. Thirty percent said they’d go to a restaurant that they use for special occasions. Lastly, twenty-one percent are going to a restaurant where they are regulars. The last reason for so many
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