Restaurant Industry : The Largest Segment Of The Hospitality And Tourism Industry

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The restaurant industry is one of the largest segments of the hospitality and tourism industry. Within the restaurant segment there are several other smaller segments within the large segment. The restaurant segment includes fine dining, themed dining, casual dining, fast casual dining, and fast food dining. Causal dining is one of the largest segments of the restaurant industry in the United States. Casual dining is one of the top growing segments of the restaurant industry, yet it is one of the most competitive segments. Casual dining restaurants are restaurants that serve moderately priced food in a casual atmosphere and they typically provide customers with table service. Common casual dining restaurants are Olive Garden, Chili’s,…show more content…
These trends affect each segment of the industry in either a positive or a negative way no matter what segment of the restaurant industry. Whether it be the fast food, fast casual, casual dining, or fine dining restaurant segments, the new trends will affect all segments. Current trends in the restaurant industry affect the casual dining segment of the restaurant industry in several different ways. Casual dining has always been known for serving large amounts of food for a low price of about ten to twenty dollars per plate. In casual dining restaurants the guests are given the same type of food options, the menus rarely ever change. If the menus change it will be for a seasonal menu or for promotions. Other than those occasions, the menus and food options rarely change. Families loved the idea of going out and eating at casual dining restaurants because they were affordable, casual, fast, and the amount of food served was great for the prices of the plates. Today, the trends of the restaurant industry are different and are affect the casual dining segment of the industry. Today people prefer to go to restaurants that are serving smaller platters but with different samples of different foods rather than being served larger plates with the same type of food. People today want to try new types of foods and be able to go out to eat at restaurants that serve a variety of different plates. Casual dining restaurants do not
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