Restaurant Review Essay

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The Big Cheese Italian Restaurant Review

Charlotte Perkins

Professor Alexandra Alessandri
English 1101

11 October 2011

Charlotte Perkins
Professor Alexandra Alessandri
ENC 1101
6 November 2011 The Big Cheese Italian Restaurant Review

The sweet smell of garlic, tickles your nose as you park your car. Its sweet aroma guides your taste buds to the unassuming establishments were the Italian flavor lingers in the air. First Impression: The Big Cheese Italian Restaurant lives up to its name. When you first drive up, the parking spaces are tight and the area is very crapped. But once you are seated and begin your dining experience you forget about all the things that are not ideal and enjoy the delicious meals that
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All the entrees came just as we finished the wings and calamari. We had encountered difficulty finishing the Caesar Salad. The combination of pepperoni, mushrooms, sausage, onions, green peppers , black olives, ham and mozzarella complimented each other as the flavors and remnants oozed out of the fresh dough. The red sauce that accompanied the Calzone had an extra hint of garlic which is the aroma that is used in many of the dishes that came past our table. It was very hard concentrating on what we order when all the dishes that came past us smelled and looked so good. Dessert: Tiramisu and Double Chocolate Mousse Cake called from the menu. Since the meal was so filling, we took our dessert home. The next morning the tiramisu was just as I expected with the right amount of liqueur. My taste buds were not disappointed and although it was not intended for breakfast, I was completely satisfied with my choice of desserts. They are a sponsor for the University of Miami and it shows. The takeout counter has a bristling business on a Friday night. Many of the patrons at the restaurant were donning U of M jerseys and the like. Our bottle of water had the University of Miami logo on the face and we were happy to support the restaurants sponsorship of the football program. Service: Our server was excellent. She made suggestions when we were torn on the dishes and provide recommendations for the Calzone and Stromboli. The Big Cheese

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