Restaurant Review: Red Arrow Diner in Milford

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Our first assignment is an evaluation, which uses a set of standards or criteria to measure quality or effectiveness of a subject, such as a place, product, or service. This week, you will evaluate a restaurant. You may include details that allow your evaluation to come alive for the reader. Your introduction should be 4-5 sentences (not 3 or 6) with your thesis as the last sentence. Your thesis must follow the BLANK, BLANK and BLANK format. For example: Bella Verona is my favorite restaurant because of the delicious Southern Italian style food, romantic ambience, and quiet and efficient service. Your thesis will always need a main point and three subpoints to support it. Post it on the DB so I can check it. Email it to me if you want a quicker response. Your three body paragraphs that follow will each focus on a subpoint. My next paragraph would be about the food. My third paragraph would be about the ambience. My fourth paragraph would be about the service. My fifth and final paragraph would be a 4-5 sentence conclusion teaching the reader what I have learned by writing the paper without repeating myself in any way, shape or form. The Red Arrow Diner in Milford, New Hampshire, opened its doors in September, 2008, to the delight of diners who had been enjoying "wicked good food" at the Manchester location since 1922. The diner is open twenty-four hours a day and because breakfast is available anytime, more than a half million breakfasts are served annually. The Red

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