Restoration Operations At A Field Site

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RESTORATION OPERATIONS After an emergency is confirmed, the core components of the operational environment affected should be replicated at another field site to ensure continuity of operations. The other field site being used should have the same production environment as the site that was affected by the emergency. This site must be made readily available and restore operations quickly once the organization confirms an emergency at any of its fields sites. The new site used as the recovery site will contain adequate resource to maintain operations from the affected site that experienced an emergency. Downtime will need to be determined and reported the organization. The backup site should be able to handle its primary business…show more content…
The data should be ready to be restored at any of the field sites. The field sites should maintain resources to help the continuity of operations of another field site should the need arise. As the organization grows, the recovery resources, business contingency plan, and field site recovery teams need to take in account this growth. Modifications to the recovery sites will be made as the needs of the organization change. All field sites will be expected to handle the business operations and customer needs of one failed field site. The disaster recovery plan will only take into account having one field site take on the operations equal or lesser than the degree of operations of another field site. The scalability of the disaster recovery plan will only be one site being used as a recovery site for one other field site. The backup field site will be expected to fulfill the same requirements and maintain business operations as the site affected by the emergency. Every field site will be scaled to provide resources in support of a failover of the largest site within the organization. The performance requirements will meet or exceed those of the largest field site to ensure continuity of operations and meet the organization’s business needs. RECOMMENDATIONS Each individual section address in the business contingency plan needs to own their respective section according to function within the organization.
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