Restorative Experience : The Loss Of A Loved One

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The Loss of a Loved One Everything seemed unusual. It was a gloomy, cold morning. The car’s windshields full of frost, steam from my mouth appeared as I walked to my car. My heater was on full blast as I shivered trying to take a sip of my hot chocolate. I was on my way to Archibald’s Family Dentistry- not for the usual cleaning or dental treatment, but to complete more hours towards my internship. As I sped walk towards the entrance trying not to slip I tell myself “I hope today is a good day”. I walk in, greet everyone, and set by lunch bag down. As I approach the break room I see Marcella, an employee, sitting down with a frown. I ask what is wrong, and she mentions her uncle had just died from liver cirrhosis. Giving her my greatest…show more content…
I was just swallowing my food. When you have a chance it is common to check your phone. I was rapidly checking if I had received any messages or anything important. I stopped blinking as a stared at a message my aunt had messaged me. It said, “It is an emergency, call me when you can”. I call as soon as possible, but I was told to wait, she would tell me when I was out of my internship. The rest of the time I was there, I was off, thinking of the many things that could have gone wrong. My first instinct was my family. Did one of them go to the emergency room? Are they okay? There was three hours left for my day to be over. Three hours felt like ten hours. As the last patient leaves at 5pm I start doing my chores. Everything I did seemed like I was doing it in slow motion. After desperately wanting to be finished, I grabbed my belongings, and walked outside to a gloomy night. I instantly grabbed my phone and called my aunt back as the windshields of my car were defrosting. Rubbing my hands together vigorously to create heat I heard her answer. I was now told to get home and drive safe. At that point I started shaking. I called my mom and everyone was home safely. I was driving back home frightened. Road work signs, detour signs yet I still sped avoiding every car. Usually it took me twenty minutes to get home, but that night it took me ten. Prior to my arrival I kept receiving text messages and calls. I did not bother to answer
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