Restorative Justice Policy Proposal for Juvenile Justice System

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A growing number of probation officers, judges, prosecutors as well as other juvenile professionals are advocating for a juvenile justice system which is greatly based on restorative justice. These groups of people have been frustrated by the policy uncertainty between retribution and treatment as well as unrealistic and unclear public expectations. As a primary mission, the balanced approach or policy allows juvenile justice systems together with its agencies to improve in their capacity of protecting the community and ensuring accountability of the system and the offenders . It enables the youths to become productive and competent citizens. This guiding philosophical framework for this policy is restorative justice as it promotes the…show more content…
They are calling for an evaluation of policies which continue to increase incarceration and improvement of criminal justice as this population reaches historical high level in America. There are over 2 million individuals housed in national jails or prisons and nearly 5 million individuals on parole or probation. United States of America leads the world in punishment and incarceration, and the cost of the correctional system now surpasses $60billion annually. The rise in the costs and size of correctional facilities occurs after nearly two decades of tough reforms on crime. These 'tough on crime' reforms got the support of both Republican and Democratic administrators in response to the increasing crimes rates experienced since 1970s. Ironically, the unabated correctional costs and financial crises have put strains on health, education and human services budgets. It is, therefore, apparent that in as much as prison systems are costing the government more money, they are becoming less effective in addressing crime rates.
The criminal justice system recognizes the importance of restorative justice practice and programs to offenders in reducing the overall national crime rates. It also recognizes that a range of improvements is necessary to achieve successful integration of offenders to the community. Some of the programs that will ensure reduction in the number of individuals incarcerated must be

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