Restorative Justice Process

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I consider that restorative justice can be a viable decision-making approach in some circumstances. Various studies indicate that these programs can be effective to improve satisfactory resolutions among victims and offenders, increased compliance with restitution for offenses committed, and reduce recidivism of offenses. In the area of psychology I ponder that victim-offender mediation, circles, and victim-offender panels can help on existing decision-making processes or prepare professionals for future decisions. Victim-offender mediation includes the victim, offender, and trained mediators. In this forum, both the victim and the offender express their views and feelings about the issue in hand, and then come to a mutual agreement on how to solve the problem. The mediator is there only to facilitate the decision-making process, not favor any parties involve. In this process both the victim and the offender must be willing to voluntarily confront each other.
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