Restorative Justice Project Paper

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Our goal for the final project is to deliver useful information to the Key Bridge Foundation that could help improve the amount of donations they receive. We must interview the KBF to see if they support the idea of creating an informational video to place on their website. We want to create the blueprints for the video by gathering information from our target audience. Our audience of interest includes students of the University of Maryland. We want to gather information about the general factors which contribute to their donating habits. Also, we aim to learn how familiar the students are with restorative justice because one is unlikely to donate towards something they have no knowledge of. The student population we are surveying have access to the internet and could receive information regarding the Key Bridge Foundation from the organization’s website. We believe an informational video about restorative justice and the KBF should be made to intrigue webpage
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We formulated questions that would allow us to tailor a video to our target audience. The questions related to donation habits as well as their familiarity with restorative justice. The results showed an overwhelming number of students who are unfamiliar with restorative justice. Therefore, our video will describe restorative justice and its effectiveness.

Analysis of Collaborative Work
Communication between group members was essential to complete this project well and in a timely matter. We used the GroupMe phone application to discuss developments to the project and obstacles encountered. When group members could not meet during class, I made sure to get them caught up through the GroupMe app immediately. I feel my leadership and organization was necessary to get certain group members to contribute to the project. Overall, I was satisfied with the group
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