Restoring At Risk Communities By John M. Perkins

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1. What is the basic premise of the author in writing this book? “Restoring At-Risk Communities,” written by John M. Perkins is a collaborative work of urban professionals in ministry, providing a blueprint for working in urban communities. It provides the personal expertise of so many to help fellow missionaries and those in ministry to develop a Christian community. In today’s culture, many of our cities are falling apart due to poverty, lack of education, lack of religion, and large amounts of people leaving for the suburbs. People who are being called to minister in the downtowns, or those who are already suffering in the trenches are struggling with how to reach the community for Christ. Perkins shares his personal experience of being on the frontlines of ministry, and the appropriate strategy to reaching those communities. He writes, “The desperate problems in America’s inner cities will not be resolved without strong commitment and risky action on the part of ordinary Christians with heroic faith” (Perkins, 1995).
2. Which chapter in each section did you find most challenging? Personally, in section one, chapter two was the most, not necessarily challenging, rather more thought provoking. It sort of laid out the vision and steps for Christian Community Development. The chapter starts by redirecting our minds and hearts to what our true purpose should be. “If we are not helping people find a relationship with Jesus Christ that leads to eternal life, then we are

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