Restoring Re Entry Programs Will Benefit Us All Rough Draft Unit 8

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Restoring Re-entry Programs Will Benefit Us All Rough Draft unit 8 assignment To wit, there are easily over 700,000 offenders released from state or Federal prisons. A disappointing factor, another nine million cycle throughout local jails and another 10,000 of these offenders are released back into the communities (Caporizzo, 2011). Nevertheless, more than 650,00 of those newly released offenders will be more than likely to re-offended and return back into the confined setting in which, they were once released from less than three weeks to three years of their release. One might wonder why is this, namely, offenders are being released with no bearing as to what to do with themselves once they are released due to lack of education, coping skills, lack of obtaining employment due to their criminal background. Another factor of ex-offenders re-offending is due to the time of their conviction. If one has been sentenced to a lot of time one may be disconnected from love ones in the addition, to the era of the times of their release. Namely, all across the nation, state legislatures are facing the challenges, with providing the means of monies to build more prisons that are overly populated. For that reason alone, reinstating re-entry should be restored to save taxpayer’s money along with, containing the construction of unwanted prisons in our residential districts. These efforts also provide ex-offenders with the skills to remain free. Particularly, re-entry programs

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