Restoring The U.s. Economy Essay

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Restoring the U.S. Economy
The United States of America has always been known as just that, which is united. However, lately everyone (i.e.: news media,) has been referring to our country as just plain ol’ America. Could it be because they know information about the United States that most of its own citizens are unaware of? The answer is yes because most Americans fail to realize that for years the United States of America has turn out to be everything but united, and this has been a result due to its ever growing wealth gap. However, in this current period of time, minorities have been the ones to predominantly endure the vast amounts of injustices that the gap has bestowed upon the U.S., but the wealth gap will not stay biased towards minorities any longer. In the article “Speaker Addresses Race-Wealth Gap” author Larry Mitchell, quotes speaker Tim wise stating “We have inherited legacies of racial injustice and inequality… It’s not our fault, but it is our burden” (n. pg.) Although this problem might not affect us directly; it does exist causing all sorts of destruction to our economy. The wealth gap is an issue that has continuously remained a severe threat to the stability of U.S. economy. Nonetheless, the wealth gap crisis can be reduced if not eliminated completely by the great efforts of government enforced policies, financial resources, (funds) and job creation.
The roots of the wealth gap are ones that are deeply embedded into America’s history affecting its past,

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