Restricted Access To School

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High school students should be granted mildly restricted access to their cell phones during the school year. Adults must exercise responsibility and self control in everyday life and the purpose of school is to educate and prepare students for life as an adult. Students have to spend a significant amount of their life in school, and cell phone access throughout high school will make school more enjoyable. A student will learn responsibility from being allowed to use their cell phone. Some restriction is necessary to prevent cheating during tests, quizzes, and exams, and disruption during classes with things such as music. Allowing appropriate, non-disruptive phone throughout most of the day will, however, allow students to learn to prioritize their time. How can an adult be expect to make mature, responsible decisions if the school made every decision for them as a student? If a student’s grades drop due to phone use, it is far better for them to learn from this than for them to learn from getting fired from a job for similar reasons. School is meant to educate and prepare, so allowing students to experiment with time management during school is a must. Responsibility…show more content…
Due to the nature of public school, many students often find themselves waiting. For example, waiting for a teacher to finish a lecture the student is already familiar with, or waiting for the teacher to finish talking to another student in order to give time to them. With increased access to their phones, students can complete more tasks and keep themselves entertained when needed. Prioritizing time is a real world skill important for all people to learn. Considering the large chunk of a student’s life spent in school, allowing more freedom will increase their overall quality of life. Students who are ahead of the class will be rewarded by finding themselves with extra time, rather than finding themselves waiting for countless cumulative
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