Restricting Cell Phones in Public Places

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Restricting Cell Phones in Public Places How many times have you seen someone on their cell phones in a restaurant or in a public environment? There have been so many instances when I will be out eating with my family and look over at another table and a person will be in deep conversation on the cell phone, while their family is with them. There are many reasons why restricting cell phones could have a positive outcome. It can be rude to a family, disrespectful to the other people that are around that person, and when a family goes out together it should be family time. First is the fact that it is rude to a person’s family. When a family plans an event that includes going out in public and having a meal together, it is expected by…show more content…
Eating and talking on the phone or texting is not healthy to a person’s digestive system. Stressful mealtimes can cause medical conditions that can be harmful to a person’s health, such as acid reflux. Taking the cell phones out of a situation will make a person slow down and relax. Actually enjoy eating a meal; instead of being hurried can be beneficial. Not being able to be on the phone during a meal can give a person some relaxation time. Some people would argue that having their cell phone is a necessity to their jobs, but a person has to have some personal time to enjoy their family and friends, without the disruption of the phone ringing constantly. It is understandable if it is an emergency and the person needs to answer the phone. Working constantly is not healthy for their wellbeing. Even if it is another friend calling, it is rude to be with a person’s family and be talking to someone else on the phone. We have become a society that does not enjoy family time like it needs to. We only have our children for a few short years. This time should be savored, not taken for granted. I think taking the cell phones out of the equation would be beneficial for all the people involved. Restricting cell phone usage in public places can be beneficial to everyone involved. Being on the phone is not only rude and disrespectful to his or her family members, but also rude to anyone else they are having
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