Restricting Firearms From The United States

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In the United States Constitution, American’s possess, “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms…” (Madison) however this document, which has dictated law in the United States since 1776, may be under friendly-fire. With the rise in mass shootings within the United States, a considerable amount of people is seeking the regulation on the purchase of firearms. Some go as far as to pleading for the removal of firearms entirely in order to protect the masses of the United States, however these regulations would not fix many problems in the United States crime rates. Restricting firearms from the everyday American will only leave them defenseless while leaving the issue of crimes committed with firearms unsolved. Restricting firearm purchases will leave many American’s defenseless from criminal attacks. Criminals would have little problem getting hold of firearms, while the average law-abiding individual will not possess firearms. When the average citizen cannot have weapons, criminals whom possess weapons would easily be able to attack. This reason alone is the primary contributor to the use of weapons; people buy firearms to protect themselves and their family. Ms. Alcazar, a 41-year-old mother, lives in a suburb called Chelsea and has little interest in hunting. She explains that her main motivation to carry weapons on her goes as follows, “I have three very important reasons why I carry a gun… And those are my children.” (Troy Griggs) This interview with a common

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