Restricting Pro-ana Blogs

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Eating disorders are psychological disorders characterized by abnormal or disturbed eating habit (Nilsson 1).They are self-destructing disorders that either cause excessive eating or limitations on eating, seeing as the disorder is not one that is most pleasant, one would find it hard to imagine that there is a whole online community that promotes the disorder to millions of others with little to no restrictions. This community is known as ‘pro-ana’ or ‘pro-anorexia’. For years ‘pro-ana’ blogs have floated around the inter webs without rules and regulations. Many youths go to websites such as Tumblr and they spend hours looking at images of skinny models and anorexic ‘Tumblr girls’. In this way they themselves begin to lower their own…show more content…
Women on the blogs deliberately gather to empower each other to resist recovery, which is why it is important that these blogs are to be monitored closely and on occasion terminated, to prevent others from harming themselves as a result of the blogs contents. In Courtney Martin’s book, perfect girls, starving daughters, she states that “we are not so directly affected or so hopelessly naïve,” as to blindly follow the examples of models and actresses that we see starving themselves every day (126). She is saying that we are not as naïve as the ‘anti-ana’ organizations make us appear to be, that we do in fact have a mind of our own and will not start starving ourselves because we view a few website promoting it. We are influenced by what is around us even if we do not realize it but at the same time we are making our own decision to follow it even with prior knowledge on what will happen if we do so (127). This is proven by “Researchers who have carefully studied the data conclude that there has been no significant change in the rate of anorexia in America since at least the mid-20th century.” (Schwarz 2). In other words, even with technology increasing the rate of anorexia has had little change,

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