Restriction On Religious Rituals With Women

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Restriction on Religious Rituals with Woman

Restriction on Religious Rituals with Woman

Many religions have been historically designed by men to fit their standards and needs (Crandall 2012). The earliest and most long lasting religions originated during an era where men dominated the world. Among other things, these religions imposed strict rules onto women. Nye states that maleness, the male perspective, and men’s experiences are the central and most important point of reference of androcentricism (2008). Religion itself is laced with gender inequalities; it favours men rather than women. This element of religion contradicts with the present modernized world (Nye 2008). Historically, societies were sexist and this influenced the ideologies surround religions that originated during those eras. Throughout history woman have fought for their rights and viewpoints to equate the same value as men. In Buddhist, Judaism and Muslim temples, there have been cases of temples or religious houses forbidding women to enter, as this is seen as an unclean to the sacred area in religions (Neusner 1975)(McCue 1996) (Al-Husenini 2014). This essay will specifically focus on Islam and how the biological reproductive cycle of women interferes with the ritual practices of the faith, specifically the Five Pillars of Islam and the duties that commanded by the Qur’an through the Prophet Mohammed. Menstruation is seen as a gateway to…
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