Restrictions In The Bible

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A friend and godly brother whom I respect asked for comment from Christians as to whether President Trump's executive orders temporarily limiting immigration from certain areas is in keeping with biblical principle. His view was that these restrictions are in opposition to what we find in the Bible. Since I often hear it said (or implied) that love for others means it is wrong to be selective as to whom we allow in the country, I wanted to address this issue and answer my friend's question. If you're interested, here is my answer:
I'm not sure why you think it's opposite to what is in the Bible. First of all, the restrictions are very similar to what previous administrations have put in place, including those under
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It has happened here in the US with Somalian refugees, and others. So the point of these kinds of restrictions is to allow time for an assessment of how we are vetting applicants in order to make whatever changes need to be made to better ensure we are not opening the door for those seeking to do harm. To me, this seems highly sensible, morally responsible, and commendable. Often we hear it said that the obligation to "love your neighbor" means that it is wrong to restrict --even temporarily (?) -- those who may enter the country. But I would argue the opposite. Love for neighbor means not recklessly exposing our neighbors to those who may have the intention of harming them. That is why we have always limited who may enter the country. I would argue that love for neighbor means not being reckless about exposing them to possible danger, but instead being careful to protect them from those who might be seeking to harm them. This is not opposite to what we find in God's word, but precisely what we find in Scripture. Even if people think the policy is misguided, there is no reason
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