Restrictions, Licenses, And Laws

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A constraint is a limitation or a restriction on something to prevent something else from happening. The media industry they are so many restrictions and the issues in the game industry.



Regulatory requirements is The restrictions, licenses, and laws applicable to a product or business, imposed by the government.

Copyright is legal which mean of protecting an author’s work, this is a type of property that provides exclusive publication and distribution for the author. Which mean that if this content is published by anyone else with a crescent by the author. They have been so many different content that have had copyright for example the game flappy bird the
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Video game have improved and grown into a large empire impacting people that are addicted They are so many ethical issues are brought into account due to development. Now we should be familiar now with the new games that are affecting people who play them

Video games are widely played for entertainment and amusement; in addition, they can act as aid in relieving stress. Due to advancing technology, video games have evolved and grown into a large empire impacting those within this realm. Thus many ethical issues are brought to our attention due to this development. As a result, we should recognize how new video games are ethically affecting people who play them.

Basically, Gaming Ethics consist of following ethical issues:

Violent video games is a massive debate, other center on topics with violence, sex and sexism, glory scenes. partial or nudity and racism.

Violent video game is a massive debate, often center on topics such as video game graphic violence, sex and sexism, violent and gory scenes, partial or full nudity, portrayal of criminal behavior, racism, and other provocative and objectionable material. video game are not turn into aggression and addiction in the past few years.

The Addiction which is affecting loads of young teenagers with the amount of time
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