Restrictions on Free Speech in Malaysia

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Protecting Free Speech, by using Restrictions? It is undeniable that the citizens of Malaysia have been granted the freedom of speech, assembly and association, as stated in the Act 10 of the Federal Constitution. Quoted from the Federal Constitution, every citizen has the right to free expression and speech. However, freedom of speech is an issue which has been discussed and argued for a long time, not only in Malaysia but all around the world. It is discussed that how “free” a speech can be. Does freedom of speech mean that we can simply talk something bad about the ruler without any evidence? Liberty (2014) defines that the freedom of speech includes the right of every citizen in communicating and expressing in any medium, holding opinions, receiving information & ideas and participating in demonstration and protest without the interference of the country or government. Although by judging solely from the definition, political expression which covers the matters of public interest seems acceptable, it is undeniable that under the Act 10 of the Federal Constitution, clause 2 has stated that the parliament can impose law to restrict the freedom of speech. Such restrictions are said to protect the security of Malaysia, privileges of Parliament and the public order. Besides, Art 10 (4) also stated that the law can restrict the questioning of any matter, status, privilege and sovereignty. InterNations (2014) has also explained that there are also limitations of civil freedoms
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