Restructuring for Positive Change

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"Restructuring for Positive Change" I start by saying "thank you" for expressing your concerns about the addition of a private business consultant to your team. I think it's great that we agree on several common goals providing a superior product, exceeding customer expectations, streamlining the business and improving Karsten's bottom line. In response to your questions regarding the proposed restructuring, I'd like to highlight a few key points. We have grown to become elite leaders in a niche market. Unlike many of our competitors we don't carry huge shelves of inventory. We are truly a "custom" shop that intimately understands the needs of our customers and caters to specific tastes and requirements (Jerry 2009). However, I think we can agree that the need to implement change is almost inevitable in today's business environment if an organization is to survive and grow. Your twenty-year tenure and expertise here at Karsten is not being overlooked. Your knowledge of your division's processes and team dynamics is both highly valued and appreciated. However, there are larger factors at work external competition, economic challenges, and advances in technology that have created a necessity for Karsten to rethink our strategies, apply greater creativity and cut operating costs. Bottom line: the time has come for additional support. The teams of external consultants and experts being brought in have provided business restructuring plans to numerous other companies. This
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