Essay on Restructuring the Marketing Function for Greater Efficiency

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Restructuring the Marketing Function for Greater Efficiency

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Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Executive Summary 4 Task 1 5 Identify the key challenges and issues that changes in the marketing environment pose for both the relationships within the marketing department and those with other departments. 5 Evaluate the effect of these relationships on marketing performance and so identify the implications for the current marketing team structure 5 Economic instability and increase of demand 5 Changes in technological knowledge within the market 6 Supplier price changes 7 London Olympics 2012 7 Task 2 9 Critically analyse the differences between management and leadership in relation to the
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Also recent the announcement of the price increase from the main supplier is discussed and the situation the Marketing Managers are presented with.
The differences of management and leadership will be analysed, pinpointing certain examples within Company X and how the style of management leadership has changed within the marketing function, affecting productivity and priorities.
A recommended restructure is outlined, with supporting organisation charts. This highlights the need for added data management skills to assist with the marketing function and a more dedicated events resource that is based outside of London to be able to support the reduced marketing team. The Marketing Support Executive will move into the Marketing Department and IT to provide part-time and adhoc support for data requests, management and segmentation to help establish effective campaigning and customer communication.
This is supported with a Talent Management Programme and Budget that outlines the actions needed to establish a brand forum, improve the communicate between departments and understand the upcoming priorities and requirements from the reduced Marketing Team. Several ideas for establishing strong relationships and smooth communications between different teams are discussed, taking into mind the difference roles played within teams and projects. This involves engaging any staff affecting by the
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