Result of Overfishing in the Pacific Ocean

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Over-fishing in the Pacific Ocean: As the human population continues to increase rapidly across the globe, the demand for food also continues to increase significantly. One of the major ways that humans have used to meet the ever-increasing demand for food is over-fishing, which has become a huge threat to every species in the ocean and has largely contributed to the huge migrations by marine mammals in their quest for the left over fish. While the use of fish by human beings is not wrong, the whole eco-system in the ocean can be severely impacted when human take too much. Pacific Ocean is one of the major areas that have been affected by over-fishing since people have been fishing in the ocean for thousands of years despite being able to manage the conventional fishing grounds in responsible manner. Actually, over-fishing has become one of the major threats to the Pacific Ocean alongside pollution, global warming, and destruction of habitat. The Pacific Ocean is widely affected by over-fishing because it's home to the largest and most precious tuna fishery across the globe. In his Pacific Islands Report on the threat of over-fishing on the Pacific Tuna stocks, Ovetz states that the fact that people are running out of big fish despite lack of knowledge regarding the crisis (par, 1). Generally, the harsh recognition of the rapid decline of catches of big fish is gradually sinking into people's thought. The author also cites the report by United Nations Food and
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