Results Of My Calculations Were Surprising And Also Eye Opening

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The results of my calculations were surprising and also eye opening. I calculated that with all of the clothes, books, school supplies, technology, medical and personal supplies, and random items around my dorm that it cost $9,334 to buy everything in my dorm. If a person who got paid a salary at the poverty level, which is $1.25$, it would take them 7467.2 days or 20.458 years to make enough money to buy everything in my little dorm room. These numbers are very shocking and disturbing at the same time. Coming from an upper middle class family, buying the items I needed for college wasn’t cheap, however, because of the financial stability and amount of capital my parents make, the cost of college was manageable. For people in other countries, purchasing the clothes, technology, books and school supplies, would take them over 20 years of their salary to afford. The common cliche saying college students say is, “I’m a college student, I 'm not rich”. While compared to the super wealthy in America, yes, college students are poor. Many college students get jobs to pay for student loans, food, and other items that are both items of want and need. In many countries around the world, many people make $1.25 or less per day. They are working long, strenuous and arduous hours just to afford enough for survival and to keep their families safe. College students capital versus a person in poverty’s capital are quite polarized where a college student owns and has a plethora more amount…

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