Results Oriented Workplace

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The Importance of Results Oriented Workplaces in the 21st Century

Subject: The Importance of a Results Oriented Workplace in the 21st Century

Over the last 40 years, technology to improve productivity in the workplace has improved so much that an employee can be reached almost anywhere at anytime to answer or solve any problem. However, rather than allowing employees to work less and be truly productive, most workplaces place their value on the 40 hour week rather than generating results in a timely fashion, on time. The result is more employee burn out, turn over in the work force and reduced productivity, even with all these time saving technologies. From the US government to Best Buy, there is a movement to get away from
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These results oriented workplaces create environments of healthier, happier workers, which produce better work, on time. This paradigm shift of working smarter rather than punching a clock will eventually take over business, though there is significant resistance in numerous workplaces. Human resource departments are embracing this practice, as are visionary executives, and business managers, making it very important to the next generation of business people to understand the rules and frameworks that will result in greater productivity, and keep their employees healthier, happier, and more productive.

In an interview with David Hunnicutt, he cited the 7 benchmarks from the Welcoa model for a results oriented workplace: "attracting senior level support, creating cohesive wellness teams, using data to drive health efforts, crafting an operating plan, choosing appropriate interventions, creating supportive environments, and consistently evaluating outcomes.1" We will discuss each of there benchmarks in detail. The results oriented workplace has numerous benefits, both for the organization as well as for the individual employees. These include an empowered population, striving to develop more efficient means to complete any task. This results in greater profits for the company, resulting in hopefully more business.

The first of the benchmarks that Hunnicutt mentions is attaining the support of the senior leadership of your organization. This is
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