Results of Life Styles Inventory: Personal and Professional Implications

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Reactions to and Reflections on My Life Styles Inventory Results: Personal and Professional Implications Introduction Developing not only as a person but as a leader can be a complex and arduous task, and is a life-long process for those that truly take an active interest in this development. Conscious choices can be made to improve leadership skills and personality traits that support greater achievement in the workplace are possible, and thus development in these areas can be made a matter of active choosing and attention, yet properly engaging in such active development efforts requires an understanding of how personality works as an internal matter and how specific personality traits translate into leadership capabilities and effectiveness. While many different tools and methods have been created to assist in leadership development, few are as truly insightful or as concretely applicable as the Life Styles Inventory. The Life Styles Inventory provides a clear and effective means for characterizing one' own personality, and through this certain of their leadership proclivities and capabilities, and thus can be used as a starting point in making changes towards a better leadership-oriented personality. As the name implies, it is through different styles of approaching life that this inventory approaches both personality and leadership, and it is through understanding one's present set of styles that an individual can make changes towards becoming a better leader and a

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