Results of Survey for the Compressed Four Day Work Week

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Analysis Memo To: CC: Sarah Todd, Director, Institutional Research Re: Results of Survey for the compressed four day work week More than 50% of the participants worked the same amount of time as a full work week with no change to the four day compressed work week. Most participants either spent extra time on class preparation, running errands, grading, recruitment, meetings, etc. Approximately 35% of the staff from Canino School of Engineering Technology felt there was no break in classes and it was difficult to find time for office hours. Approximately 49% of staff from the School of business and Liberal Arts and the School of Science, Health, and Criminal Justice felt there was not time for committee meetings. About 55% of overall participants felt there was no change in the ability to get work done. Approximately 56% of the participants felt the student academic performances were not impacted. An overall 53% were satisfied with the four day compressed work week. Participants whom felt the four day compressed work week was easier gave reasons of more efficient use of time during the week with Fridays being a day to get other needed activities done or having an extra day off. Participants whom felt it was harder gave reasons of more stress to perform more duties in less time, no extra time to assist students, students had an inability to focus for longer class periods, grading, the inability to determine how classes will progress each day made it harder to make
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