Results of the VARK Questionnaire

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VARK Questionnaire The results of my VARK questionnaire indicate that I have a "mild Read/Write" preference, although my aural score was nearly as high as this. This means that I best learn by reading instructions and I feel most comfortable helping others by writing them. Reading and writing (R & W) is my preferred mode of information acquisition because this is the way I best understand and interpret data. Rather than learning to someone explain something, or see a demonstration, or look at a graph or chart, I learn better by reading material and then writing. Also, the questionnaire shows that I prefer written feedback as opposed to hearing it directly from another person. The strategies that have been suggested for me include: making lists, creating headings, using handouts, textbooks, and readings such as can be found in the library. Manuals are also easier for me to understand and follow than other forms of information acquisition. I should also use glossaries, dictionaries, and learn the definitions of words. They also suggest that I take copious notes and these should be verbatim. I excel, according to the website, with essays and "teachers who use words well and have lots of information in sentences and notes." The best advice that I see here is the suggestion that I write out notes and keywords repeatedly and go over them repeatedly until they are remembered well. I can also rewrite the notes in various ways, such as by categorizing them to make them easier
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