Resume Characteristics Determining Job Interviews For Middle Aged Women Seeking Entry Level Employment

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Johnson E., & Lahey J. (2011). The resume characteristics determining job interviews for middle-aged women seeking entry-level employment. Journal of Career Development, 38(4), 310-330. doi:10.1177/0894845310372772 Seeking a job in today’s market can be very challenging. Imagine now that you are a female with not enough education or worst yet, you have been out of the labor force for a significant amount of time and you are middle aged. The world today is more brutal than it was in the past. Today’s job market requires its candidates to have a community college or a computer training program, or even better a bachelors, masters or a doctorate degree and that’s just to get an interview. The qualifications and experience a candidate has are also just a part of getting in the door. Employers are also now looking at your personality, if you will you fit in with the rest of the team and what extracurricular activities are you involved in. Middle-aged women seeking entry-level employment face more challenges and scrutiny them other candidates. The authors of this study focused on determining the resume characteristics that establish a successful resume for women reentering or trying to stay in the workforce. Traditionally, women work in the home and, if they choose to enter the workforce, many exit for child rearing or other family-related reasons. Increasing wage rates, declining birthrates, expanding job accessibility, rising household productivity, and changes in preferences
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