Resume : Performance Improvement Program

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Coaching Plan

Performance Improvement Program
Name of the employee: Hussein Ibrahim
From: 1st June, 2016
To: 30th August, 2016
Re: Performance Improvement Program
The purpose of this coaching program is to identify areas of concern, in Hussein Ibrahim’s work performance. The coaching program will give you the opportunity to show commitment and improve on your overall performance.
Identified Problems
 Hussein Ibrahim has a human relations problem.
 He also lacks sufficient skills required for effective planning, organizing and making judgments.
 Hussein Ibrahim lacks a sufficient level of creativity and initiative.
Documentation of the Problem
Over the last 12 months Hussein Ibrahim’s rating
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In addition to the human relations problem, Hussein also lacks sufficient skills in making judgments. He tends to challenge decisions made in the company, which affects his relationship with the management. The improvement of the judgment skills will enable Hussein to approach various issues from an informed way. Hussein scores 5 in organizing, creativity and planning ability. This is an average rating, which he needs to improve in order to attain the accepted overall performance in the company.
Action Plan
Hussein will attend training session for two hours from Monday to Thursday, for three months. These trainings will start at three and end at five in the evening. The trainings on Mondays and Tuesdays will focus on human relations. Human relations training will address issues such as interpersonal communication, cross-cultural training and team work. Trainings on Wednesday will address the problem of planning and organizing ability, while Thursday trainings will address the issue of creativity and judgment making. Hussein is expected to attend all the training sessions as scheduled for the next 90 days. Failure to attend the training session without the permission of the immediate manager will be paramount to gross misconduct. This will lead to disciplinary action and a possibility of immediate termination.
Management Support
The management will facilitate trainings within the company and where necessary, facilitate external trainings.
Hussein must
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