Resurrectionist Case Study Summary

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Case Study: The Resurrectionists Collection at the New York Academy of Medicine “Most current digital repositories ... do not have specific mandates for long term preservation, nor do they have the necessary long-term budgets. Instead, they are mandated to support access and re-use in the near-term future. Long term preservation may be one of their aims, or at least hopes and wishes, but it is not (yet) a responsibility” (Digital Curation Centre and DigitalPreservationEurope, 2007, p. 2). The New York Academy of Medicine created digital surrogates for several items in their collection, hosted online by CONTENTdm. They now can be considered a digital repository. As they are a relatively small organization, and somewhat new to managing digital collections, much of their current focus for their digital collection is to support “access and re-use in the near-term future.” They have not yet been able to consider their plans for the long-term preservation of their digital collection.…show more content…
The archivist did not know what kind or brand of external drive the files were stored on, nor did she know the size of the drive, or the size of the digital collections. She informed me that the drive was located in another building and it would be difficult for her to find out these details. There are no backup files for any of these digital surrogates. The archivist noted that the NYAM was looking to purchase a server for their digital collections because there were more digital images from the conservation lab that were on an additional external drive, and she would like to have them all on one place. She did not say that she wanted a server because she was worried about the stability of the digital collections on the external hard
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