Retail Banking of Axis Bank

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Retail Banking
Axis Bank
(Summer Internship Report) From 3rd June to 24th July


I express my deep gratitude to AXIS Bank division, Kanpur for giving me this opportunity to do summer internship. I acknowledge the give and take relationship wherein I could work diligently on the project assigned to me and contribute to the organization with my efforts and get essential credit to my profile before I enter the corporate world.
I thank my project trainer “MR. ASHUTOSH VERMA” for giving me the opportunity to work on a project that holds strategies importance to the organization.
Subsequently, I want to thank my faculty teacher MR. ANOOP SINGH SIR for generating
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The Bank has developed a branch network which is built on customer-convenience and service, helping it particularly in the acquisition of low-cost retail deposits, retail assets, lending to agriculture, SME and mid-corporate and facilitating the cross-selling of third-party products.

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1. Banking in India -------------------------------------------------------- 7 - Early History -------------------------------------------------- 8 - Nationalized Bank In India ---------------------------------- 10 - Private Banks -------------------------------------------------- 11
2. Axis Bank --------------------------------------------------------------- 13 - Company Description ---------------------------------------- 14 - Profile ---------------------------------------------------------- 16 - Board of Directors -------------------------------------------- 18
3. Retail Banking ---------------------------------------------------------- 20 - Introduction --------------------------------------------------- 20 - Segmentation of the saving Bank--------------------------- 24 - Wealth Management ----------------------------------------- 46 - Strategic Tie-ups ---------------------------------------------- 49 - Internet Banking Channels ---------------------------------- 49 - Mobile Banking
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