Retail Based Energy Distribution Company

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Zie is retail-based energy Distribution Company based in Melbourne. The retail business has grown significantly in the past 15 years. Basically, it is customer service business. In the last two years his customers increased by 1.6 million. Zie lunched its retail transformation project in 2012 which is customer relationship management process and system .This project highlight major commitment to customers. In 2004, 500000 customers in South Australia and Tasmania were transferred. Initial performance exceeded expectations, but with the passage of time and increasing customers Zie is struggling with ongoing operations. What is 'Customer Service ' The customer service is the process of customer satisfaction with a product or service to ensure. Customer service may take the form of an in-person interaction, a telephone, self-service systems to take, or by other means. Software Used In Customer Service We are in the age of technology. Softwares are helping us to provide best customer service and satisfy them. Here are some of the best softwares used in customer service. • Freshdesk Freshdesk is a help desk solution that includes everything you need to deliver exceptional customer service deal. Manage your customer conversations in one place, no matter what the source - email, telephone or social media. • Help Scout Help Scout can manage in one place features all customer emails, such as automated workflow, knowledge-based, Collision Detection and reports. •
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